This is the case for Patrik Carlander, an operator and municipal contractor from the water and drainage industry in Sweden. Like many professionals, changing to battery power brings up questions about running time, performance and available power. Comparisons with petrol driven models are expected, but after a year with the K 1 PACE, the benefits of the battery power cutter are way beyond his expectations.

“K 1 PACE has turned into our number one choice, in all situations. As Husqvarna hasn’t compromised on the performance of the battery system, nor the K 1 PACE cutting abilities, it’s strong enough to meet all our needs and the performance is as good as a petrol power cutter, but with the extra benefits of a battery machine.”

These extra benefits include better ergonomics, less vibrations and a more pleasant working environment thanks to being able to work without petrol fumes. Battery-powered machines also need less servicing, so cutting the downtime is another plus for busy contractors. With growing legal requirements to lower carbon emissions for municipalities and private operators, battery-powered machines are becoming essential. These benefits are neatly summed up by Patrik in another comment.

“With the K 1 PACE, Husqvarna have proven to be dedicated to innovation and sustainability, without compromising on the performance that we require for our efficiency and productivity.”

PACE is Husqvarna’s proprietary 94V battery system and is designed to meet the highest demands for power and performance. In 2023, two new powerful machines using the PACE battery system will be introduced – the DM 1 PACE battery core drill and the DE 120 H PACE dust extractor.