Interest in cordless, battery powered equipment from customers in the construction industry continues to rise. This is driven by many factors, including the attraction of an improved operator experience and the benefits of reduced noise and emission levels.

“As a trusted partner to our customers we want to support them in getting the most demanding jobs done, even in remote, off-grid locations. With the PACE battery system, we have a powerful range of machines as a strong alternative for operators who prefer all the benefits that a battery product can offer, but need high power for heavy-duty applications,” says Joe Taylor, VP Product & Service Management.

Operator health and performance in focus

To complement the award-winning K 1 PACE power cutter and the specialty model designed for rescue services, a new power cutter developed specifically for work on railways, tram tracks and metro systems is being introduced. The other two additions to the battery system for heavy-duty applications are a new dust extractor, the DE 120 H PACE, and a core drill, DM 1 PACE.

“We know what it takes to get highly demanding jobs done and we don’t compromise on quality and performance. With DM 1 PACE, customers get one of the most powerful battery core drills on the market, tailored for the highest demands of drill stand drilling. To optimize performance, it’s paired with D1610 drill bit,” says Joe Taylor.

The drill motor is designed for both wet and dry drilling. However, for users who prefer dry usage to avoid slurry, both DM 1 PACE and K 1 PACE can be paired with the DE 120 H PACE.
The new H-classed dust extractor, DE 120 H PACE puts worker health in focus, meeting todays’ highest dust regulations and standards. With its compact, mobile design and high performance, the powerful DE 120 H PACE battery dust extractor provides long working intervals without sacrificing on performance in challenging and remote work environments.

Two platforms charged with possibilities

With the 36 V BLi and the 94 V PACE battery systems, Husqvarna offers two proprietary battery solutions, each optimizing the operators’ workday in their respective applications.

“We believe in an electric future, and we’re committed to further developments of our range on these platforms. We are proud to deliver solutions that support customers in the construction industry on their journey towards reduced fossil dependency,” concludes Joe Taylor.

The Husqvarna PACE battery system supports a growing range of heavy-duty machines that give the operator 94 V of real power which they can apply to jobs at challenging sites where previously only combustion powered alternatives have been an option. It can give the operators the mobility of cordless equipment and cover a wide range of applications, such as working in remote places with no access to the electrical grid, urban areas where noise level or emissions are an issue or in tunnels and trenches where emissions can cause problems for the operator.

For lighter jobs, such as hardscaping, masonry or roofing, the Husqvarna 36 V BLi battery system offers a full range of products on one common battery system.

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