K 540i is a new 10” battery power cutter with an adjustable blade guard and up to 100 mm cutting depth. It is designed to handle a wide range of applications, and as Mattias Holmdahl, Senior Product Manager at Husqvarna Construction explains, it has many enabling features, not least in terms of performance, value and operational safety.

“With K 540i, users get a very capable power cutter that’s easy and efficient to use thanks to its good power to weight ratio and low noise. It’s a compact cutter and as no petrol is needed, cost of ownership is low. K 540i also features X-Halt, an electronic brake system that is engaged if a kickback occurs.”

To optimize performance, K 540i power cutter is supplied with specially designed Husqvarna diamond blades. Both the machine and blades are available to order from October 2023.

The second new battery powered machine in the launch is LF 60i LAT plate compactor. Offering all the benefits of a petrol plate compactor but with the added feature of easier starting in all conditions, it will be available to order in 2024. Mattias Holmdahl continues:

“Battery-powered equipment has the potential to transform working conditions for hardscapers in urban environments. Regardless of location, the job can be done with efficiency and ease. This is particularly so when working in residential or enclosed areas where the absence of exhaust fumes and reduced noise levels can make a difference to the operator and anyone else in the vicinity."

Full range on one battery system

With the BLi battery system, Husqvarna provides a full range of high performing machines on one battery system. Across the system, a common logic and interface facilitate efficiency and flexibility. In addition to the new power cutter and plate compactor, the BLi system also features a core drill, a dust extractor, a screed for concrete placement, a water tank and a work light.
The BLi system also supports a wide range of Husqvarna Forest & Garden landscaping machines, from chainsaws and hedge trimmers to leaf blowers.

“We see that the demand for electrified equipment is growing in many of our segments and markets. We’re committed to an electrified future and to be a trusted partner to our customers as they make this journey,” concludes Mattias Holmdahl.

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