As a partner for construction professionals all over the world, Husqvarna Construction can now offer a demolition robot that is both powerful and easily portable. The DXR 95 packs a strong punch, thanks to a high-efficiency powertrain delivering 9.8kW of power and 250bar of pressure to the end-of-arm tool. Yet weighing in at around half a tonne, it’s small enough to be transported in an ordinary van and steered through narrow passageways, as well as sturdy enough to manage steep inclines at an angle of 30°.

Operating the DXR 95 is intuitive and straightforward with one of the industry’s most user-friendly remote controls. Key features include ergonomic joysticks and knobs that make it easy to select and change settings, written messages that make it easy to understand machine feedback, and the ability for operators to choose their preferred language on the large LCD screen.

With its superb power-to-weight ratio and small footprint, the DXR95 answers the demand for a demolition robot that can fit into cramped or fragile environments – and truly deliver the power and performance that professionals need,” said Daniel Lundberg, Global Product Manager at Husqvarna Construction.

Non-stop uptime

The DXR 95 is made for many hours of continuous demolition. Ideally suited for a range of applications from underground rock breaking to chimney removal, the versatile robot can deliver consistently high performance with minimal interruption thanks to its superior thermal management technology. Additional features further prevent unnecessary downtime. These include a heavy-duty arm system with robust friction-welded cylinders, automatic greasing of the breaker for longer service intervals, and protection of vital parts in the tough lower chassis. All components can be easily accessed and detached to make service and maintenance quick and trouble-free. The DXR 95 also gives operators more flexibility. Using the remote control, they can easily tune parameters such as water, grease and hydraulic functions to suit their preferences – and even adjust the pressure and flow to match the requirements of non-standard tools. 

“We are committed to giving our customers a competitive edge, and the DXR95 raises the bar for user-friendliness and performance in demolition robots,” said Daniel Lundberg. “Now, construction professionals everywhere can get the job done more efficiently – wherever the job may be.”

For more information contact:
Anne-Cathrine Hartmann
Corporate Communications Director, Husqvarna Construction
Phone: +46 72 855 17 03