The Husqvarna power cutter was born from pure innovation – in this case, visionary engineers saw an opportunity to adapt a chainsaw model and establish the basic design for a power cutter. The intended purpose for this first version was for use by rescue and emergency services and from these beginnings, a whole new segment was born.

With over 60 years of experience in power cutter manufacturing and handheld cutters, Husqvarna Construction is now acknowledged as a world leader in the field. Today, the company’s machines and their associated diamond blades are used in construction projects all around the world and are indispensable tools in the service of society. However, as Joakim Ed, Senior Vice President Concrete Sawing & Drilling Husqvarna Construction explains, the motivation that drives continuing product development and innovation remains unchanged from those early days.

“We strive to be a leader in the power cutter segment for a very simple reason – to empower the professionals who build our houses, roads, bridges and countless other projects, helping them work more efficiently, comfortably and safely.”

Although power cutters have been joined by many additional product lines and new application areas developed in recent years, they remain a vital part of Husqvarna’s history, its core business and what many associate with Husqvarna Construction. Furthermore, the spirit of innovation is truly alive, with Husqvarna’s latest model taking the power cutter to new performance levels.

“Around a year ago we launched the K 1 PACE, a high power battery cutter with the capacity to handle heavy duty jobs. K 1 PACE and the battery system that it utilizes is an unmatched handheld battery solution, free from exhaust emissions and charged with possibilities for our customers. As well as being a solution that feels exactly right for these times, we’re sure K 1 PACE will give us plenty of reasons to celebrate more anniversaries in the years to come,” concludes Joakim Ed.

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