Stay in control with Husqvarna Fleet Services™

Connect your fleet to get full control of:

  • Fleet inventory
  • Machine availability
  • Utilisation rate
  • Runtime rate
  • Service planning

Unleash your full potential

Husqvarna Fleet Services™ is a system that collects and presents data regarding your machine fleet. It enables you to make better decisions and unleash the full potential of your company’s productivity. Your fleet data is generated by digitally tracking each machine’s performance, runtime and job location. All data is displayed in your Husqvarna Fleet Services™ portal for further analysis.

All you need in one box

It’s easy to connect your fleet and get going. The Husqvarna Fleet Services™ starter kit includes everything you need: 5 machine sensors with Bluetooth, wireless gateway and how-to instructions. If you need help during installation, contact your Husqvarna representative. Download the Husqvarna Fleet Services app to your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or App Store.

Your connected machines can help you improve your business

Your equipment’s data not only keeps you in control, but also enables you to analyse the current situation, gain insights and think ahead to develop your business and machine service plans. By partnering with Husqvarna you can capture critical information about your equipment fleet, with more specialised insights than any other solution

Inventory control

No more paperwork

All of your equipment, one screen. With Husqvarna Fleet Services™ you can easily create and check your inventory list, and know exactly what kind and how many machines you have. Give them unique names, and you can easily tell one from another.

  • What kind of machines do we have?
  • How many of each?
  • Machine id/serial numbers?

Machine location

Find them all on the map

Always keep track of where you last had your equipment. As soon as a machine with a sensor is within Bluetooth range from a smartphone running the Fleet Services™ app, its location is registered. So whenever you’re looking for a machine, you just check the map to find out if it’s in storage, away for service or out working.

  • What machines are available on the shelf or occupied on jobs right now?
  • Where are the machines?

Machine statistics

See when and how much you’ve used it

The sensors track the engine hours of every machine, so you always know exactly how much they have been used since you acquired them. You can also check the workday log to get a detailed view of how many hours they have been used each day.

  • Is our equipment properly utilised or not?
  • Which of the machines are used the most? The least?
  • Can we better balance the usage to even out wear and tear?
  • Should we re-balance the fleet to optimise our performance?

Service overview

Service history and notifications

With Husqvarna Fleet Services™ you can record the service history for each piece of equipment, making it much easier to keep track of its status and troubleshoot it if necessary. You can also get service reminders based on actual engine hours, to make sure you always keep it in top shape.

  • When was the last planned maintenance or repair of each machine?
  • What service was performed? What was the cost?
  • How many hours has each machine operated since it was last serviced?
  • When is the machine due for its next service?

The four key system components

Machine sensor

Attach the sensor to a piece of equipment to keep track of its use and last known position. The data is stored in the sensor’s built-in memory and is transmitted via Bluetooth to either the Fleet Services™ app, out in the field, or to the gateway app once it’s back in inventory.

Fleet Services app

The app collects all equipment data via Bluetooth once machines are within a range of 0-100 m/109 yd (0-30 m/32 yd with obstructed visibility). The app will give you and your colleagues easy access to your data and last known location, and the data is uploaded to your account from wherever you are. Available for iOS and Android. The Husqvarna Fleet Services™ gateway app is used “at home” to upload the collected data to your account. Available for Android.

Gateway app

The gateway app is the “at home” solution that transfers the collected data from the sensors via Bluetooth and uploads it to your account. Install it in your storage to upload the data and make sure all equipment has been properly checked in once the workday is finished. Available for Android.  

Fleet Services™ portal

As soon as the data has been uploaded to your account, you can instantly access it through the web interface from your computer or tablet. All your data is safely stored in the cloud in your organisation’s Husqvarna Fleet Services™ account, so you can access it from anywhere.

Register your fleet now

Fleet inventory and service calendar notifications – register online now!

  1. Register online now
  2. Download the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app from App Store or Google Play.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to add your equipment and start using your services.
  4. Connect your fleet and get the full experience. Contact our support team and order your Husqvarna Fleet Services™ starter kit.
Inventory control
Service overview •*
Machine statistics
Machine location
service bookings
Machine service
and repair

* Calendar based service intervalls **Price 1.59 ~ 2.19 USD / Assets / Month ***Contact your Husqvarna Representative

Fleet quick start guide

  1. Go to and create an account for your organisation.
  2. Verify the new account via an email that the system has sent you.
  3. Start-up your Samsung mobile phone included in your newly purchased starter kit - this is your “at home” solution, or your so-called stationary gateway, that transfers the collected data from the machine sensors and uploads it to your Husqvarna Fleet Services™ account.
  4. On your enclosed Samsung mobile phone, create, or use your existing Google Play account, to log-in and download the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ Gateway app.
  5. On the Samsung mobile phone, open your Husqvarna Fleet Services™ Gateway app and login with your recently created username and password.
  6. On the Samsung mobile phone, go to Settings > Software Update and disable “Download Updates Automatically”.
  7. Connect your Samsung mobile phone to your normal Wi-Fi and to a power source.
  8. On a secondary mobile device (iPhone or Android) download the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and login with your recently created username and password. This app collects all equipment data once the machines are within the recommended range of 0-91.5 m or 0-27.5 m in the case of obstructed visibility.
  9. Now install your enclosed Fleet sensors on your intended machines. You will find the instructions for placing and pairing your sensors in the mobile Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app or at
  10. Using the mount included in your starter kit, mount your Gateway device in your machine depot. Place it near your machine Fleet according to the recommended range mentioned in step 8.
  11. As soon as the data has been uploaded to your account, you can instantly access it via the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app or the web interface at
  12. Regularly ensure that the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ Gateway app is running and that your Gateway is persistently connected to your Wi-Fi network.

The most frequently asked questions