Product Description

PREMIUM GUARD WB is a water-based, fully penetrating sealer that provides premium protection for concrete. It is very easy to apply and makes polished concrete surfaces significantly more resistant to fats, oils and water, yet still allows them to breathe. The sealer creates a hydrophobic barrier that prevents most types of liquids and spills from penetrating the surface. Protection can be limited in areas with recurring spills and aggressive chemicals, depending on the type of substance, the absorption of the floor and the type of splashes the treated floor is exposed to. PREMIUM GUARD WB benefits from being non-hazardous, so is easier to transport and store. It is not a surface/topical sealer, so will not blister or wear off. The sealer is well suited to matt floors, such as a Husqvarna Superfloor™ Silver and leaves no streak marks. It is UV stable and creates only minimal colour enhancement when applied. Buff when dry for a slight increase in gloss. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Top specifications

Volume5 l
Consumption rate20 m²/L
Shelf life1.5 year
UN NumberNot applicable