Husqvarna introduces the first petrol/gas driven floor grinder in the PG range. PG 400 Petrol is a versatile and very productive single disc floor grinder for a wide range of outdoor applications. With its 400 mm wide grinding width it efficiently grinds lippage in concrete slabs, trip hazards, removal of paint, epoxy and spackle on medium to large concrete areas. This compact machine is designed to facilitate an ergonomic work position and is easy and convenient to use and transport.
Combine the PG 400 Petrol floor grinder with the dust extractor T 4000 Petrol and you have a perfect match for outdoor floor prep applications. No need for power cables ensures even better mobility on the job site and more time to work with the project at hand.
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Maks. teho (Moottorin valmistajan ilmoittama)7,6 kW
Hiontaleveys400 mm
Paino140 kg
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